The code of conduct of TM Construction BV

Construction is a danger occupation. One moment of carelessness can result in a (fatal) accident.

Individual discipline with regard to compliance with the (safety) rules is of vital importance. Both for yourself and for the team. That is why we introduce the TMC Code of Conduct. This code is a mutual agreement that we make with all our employees and includes the following five pillars:

1. I am part of a professional organization.

I keep my knowledge and skills, both professionally and socially, at the required level. This allows me to perform my duties well, even under difficult circumstances.

I think it's normal for me to have responsibilities and powers in my daily work. I want that too. After all, I am mature and professional with my work. My responsibilities go beyond my direct duties. My employer creates the preconditions for a professional, safe and pleasant working and living environment. But I am responsible for maintaining my knowledge, skills and physical condition. I take the people around me into account and I am always prepared to account for choices made.

2. I am a member of a team with a common mission.

I work with colleagues and am jointly responsible for them and the team. I address others about their behavior and accept that others address me about my behavior. I am part of a team with one task or objective, based on mutual trust. That means that I subordinate my own interests to the interests of the team. Within the team we all have their own task. Yet we are not only responsible for our own behavior, we bear joint responsibility for what the others in our team do. We will only achieve the best results if we keep each other sharp and if we dare to coach and challenge each other about the quality of the work and our behavior. Managers in our organization have a special responsibility. They set a good example at all times. They actually dare to take the lead.

3. I am aware of my responsibility.

I do not harm the interests of my employer and set a good example in attitude, appearance and behavior. I use tools and materials responsibly and use them carefully and lawfully.

I stand for craftsmanship and safety and that entails specific responsibilities. Negative behavior by individual employees will have a negative impact on colleagues and on the team as a whole. We realize that we are an example to others.

4. I act with integrity and treat everyone with respect.

I do not accept undesirable behavior such as discrimination, (sexual) intimidation and bullying, not towards myself or others. I abide by the applicable laws and regulations and do not abuse my power or position. I am honest, sincere, reliable and careful. I am part of an organization that creates safety. I accept that my work involves physical dangers. This is only possible from a socially safe working environment. I strengthen the team by realizing that we are not all the same, but we are equal. I treat others with respect just as I want to be treated with respect.

5. I ensure a safe working environment.

I feel responsible for the safety of others and myself. This applies to all forms of safety, such as operational safety, information security and safe working conditions. I don't get involved with drugs. Alcohol should never affect my functioning.

We work with tools and heavy equipment. We sometimes have to work under time pressure and under physically and (incidentally) mentally challenging circumstances. We can only do that successfully if we have an eye for the safety of others and ourselves. For that you have to be 100% sharp.

If you go to work via TM Construction BV, then we expect that you are aware of - and agree with - this code of conduct. You will receive a paper copy from us before your first working day. You sign this for approval.

Need to know more? Contact your contact person at TM Construction BV